• Robin Renneberg

2020, The Year to Reconnect with my Muse

Updated: Feb 6

The last few years have seen me struggle creatively. Between running our business and our household I often found there were plenty of other tasks that required my attention and creative works mostly fell to the bottom of the pile. You might think that I resent or blame these things for my situation, but far from it. I made the choices throughout the year. I decided to allow things to encroach on my creative time. I decided not to set a focus for myself, not to set any creative goals. I made those choices - they were not made for me.

This year is different. True, it is already late in the month and I have yet to create a painting or a piece of jewelry (I haven't even planned any out) but what I have done is completed the 1st draft of the novel that I had been working on. I started the year out with goals. I have given myself a path to follow for the first quarter and the ability to reflect and adjust that path should it be required after the first quarter has ended. I am limiting the time that I will commit to our business and better utilizing the time required within our household.

I recognize that having a plan and executing it are two very different things but I am cautiously optimistic for the year ahead and beyond.

- Robin


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