I am a self-taught artist who works mostly with acrylic paints. I love to explore different techniques and applications with this medium and find it to be both forgiving and challenging depending on the circumstance. While I enjoy moving out of my comfort zone with painting, I always find that I am drawn back to what I started with and that is telling a story through light. My favorite pieces involve multiple steps to build the paint into a cohesive story that finishes with a layer that is only visible when struck properly by the light. These final images are often referred to as ghosts and are meant to give the story of the painting an extra chapter. It is from this work that my slogan originated, “Look beyond the obvious.”


Outside of painting, I am also a writer, a wife and mother of 3 young children (2 boys and a girl). My husband and I own a small art gallery where we showcase not only my work but the work of other Saskatchewan artists as well. When I am not in my studio, I am with my children or working on a writing project or two. 


My life is full, it is busy, and I am blessed. 

Look beyond the obvious...

It all started again with one large painting and the firm encouragement from my husband. Like many artists before me, I had been discouraged to the point of quitting by someone who I saw as an authority in art. What made me pick up a brush again? Truth be told, it wasn’t a brush that brought me back to the world of color but my fingertips. There was something about the tactile feeling of painting with my fingers that made the joy or art return. 


I work from the heart in everything I do and I like to encourage everyone to take just one more moment to look beyond the obvious of what they are experiencing. We are often quick to judge what we see at face value, what we interpret as reality. But, if you look beyond the obvious you might be surprised at what you find. Many of my art pieces are only fully visible when the light strikes them in just the right way. Sometimes, it takes more than a brief glance to see what is hidden on the canvas. 


My world is very different since I first accepted the call of paint and canvas again. It is a world of smiles and tears, more so now than ever.

(c) Robin Renneberg 2020

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